Grand Opening 11 am Oct 11 2016

Shetal Shah Press Release
Chief Executive Officer
ibby’s mediterranean fresh
300 Route 18 North, Ste 19
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732) 307 7760

ibby’s mediterranean fresh is a new, custom, casual restaurant led by Creative Chef and Founder Adnan Kwara, New Jersey’s hottest, casual mediterranean chef. Joining hands with Adnan, as Co-Founder, is Shetal Shah, an experienced food service executive and an innovative coffee master. Together, they present a culinary offering that represents the best food and paired beverage choices for the contemporary, on the go, millennial lifestyle.
It took five years of perfectionist work to deliver their vision of ibby’s Brand power. First, a world class team of architects, designers, contractors were hired to bring to life the experience that ibby’s was to represent. Clean lines, a high tech central group table, personalized electric outlets, fast Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and kiosk ordering was derigueur. But ibby’s also retains the authenticity of its cultural roots. Whether it be the iconic Tree of Life or the LotusMandala mural or the universal energy symbolized by the Sun, Moon, and Stars element, the cultural motifs of theMediterranean civilizations find resonance inside the store. Accent world beat is the musical playlist that is unique to ibby’s. Much like the flavorful spices in the kitchen the sound vibrations gently cross pollinate while seducing with arhythmic, harmonic or textural contrast between modern and culturally authentic elements. Ibby’s is the place wherethe community connects over food and savors the best that the Mediterranean world has to offer.


Founder Adnan Kwara said, ‘Over 45 years of our families’ Mediterranean restaurant expertise inspired me to
found the original ibby’s falafel in May 1996 in Jersey City. My original, all natural, award-winning recipes use local, farmfresh ingredients, creating a feast for the eyes and flavor palate. The new ibby’s mediterranean fresh will nourish yourfit, active lifestyle, by personalizing our healthy menu the way you want it. I am positive proof that my delicious cuisineis successful. Prompt, convenient and friendly service in the ibby’s comfort zone, enables you to gather, relax and enjoygood food in a warm, welcoming environment. Experience it all at ibby’s!

“We searched for several years to find the perfect location for our Brand launch and East Brunswick was it,” saidChief Executive Officer Shetal Shah, an alumnus graduate of nearby Rutgers University. “We have been uncompromising in our sourcing whether it be coffee beans from Ethiopia, spices from India and the Mediterranean, local, fresh produceand high quality proteins. Serving only halal certified chicken and lamb is important to us given the diverse EastOur designer Abby Hoffman shares the story of our iconic mural Grand Opening 11am Oct11 2016 Brunswick community. Humanity and humane sourcing is paramount. We have pioneered in bringing the latest, onsitecooking technologies from Europe which will retain the nutrients and flavor and permit scratch cooking. We are gratifiedand humbled at the immediate and highly positive response that the East Brunswick community has given to ibby’s.


Executive Chef Ketan Jogadia said, “Whether it is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, just protein, kids or catering, ibby’s extensive Mediterranean menu is designed to satisfy each and every one. I believe in separate cook processes and areas for vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. That means completely separate grills, ovens, preparation tables, and service utensils. Our presentation is unique and we don’t mish mash all of our options into a bowl. Our recipes are meant to be enjoyed individually, and once tasted, the guest decides the items that blend best together. Of course, my secret sauces like our Creamy Fig and Garlic Medium Hot will keep you coming back. I am proud that our connectivity to nature extends to our sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging.”

Team leaders Sam and Dessie said, “ibby’s provides a uniqueinteractive brand experience personalized to satisfy individual tastes.Yet, it is welcoming and easy to use. We speak over ten different languages! Our restaurant is a great place to take a break and hang out with friends after a workout or a yoga session or meet a colleague for a work session. Our Frappe Joe café is distinctive and pairs well with our menu. Whether it’s a quality hot coffee, Nitro Brew, Draft/Hot/Cold Latte, you are sure to find the right beverage to energize. ibby’s offers a variety of affordable plate sizes to satisfy for lunch or a quick snack. Our signature is the Thali plate, perfect for dinner that is unlike any other or as we say, “it is nonesuch”.

Talk to any of our team members for your catering needs and visit our website at www.ibbys.com or call us. Do leave us your feedback on our Facebook page ibbys.” For now, ibby’s is open 7 days a week. Follow us online for extended hours. Unsolicited, preview testimonials, see Yelp and Facebook page ibbys for more-

Sid S. on Yelp 5/5, “I have been to ibby’s a few times since their openings.  The food has been amazing each time and the coffee is even better.  As a vegetarian I love the fact that they use two separate grills for meats and veggies. My favorite is the farmers cheese with turmeric rice.”

Leyla A. on Yelp 5/5, “They had so many great healthier options which is great for someone like me, who is very particular and health conscious. I with the protein platter with chicken kebab and turmeric basmati rice. It is SO GOOD!!”

Stacey G on Yelp 5/5, “I have been there 3 times already and I think they have been only opened for a little over a week. I have had the falafel, lamb shawarma and lamb kabobs.  All were very good.  I had (to) create my own salad tonight with the kebabs and couldn’t decide which dressing.  He gave me them all. They dressings are amazing and made fresh on site.”

Nicole Lang Janssens Facebook 5/5, “Phenomenal food, service, options, atmosphere.”

Omayma Mansour on Facebook 5/5, “If you are looking for fresh best-quality Mediterranean food, you’ve found the right place! There is nothing on their menu that was not fantabulous! From their lamb shawarma to their famous falafel to their delicious rice pudding…there was nothing that we didn’t want more of! Beautiful modern new location with plenty of ordering options and something for everyone! You do not want to miss out on this incredible new hot spot!”

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