“Let’s Grab Some ibby’s!” New Restaurant Opens on Route 18

October 10, 2016 at 6:41 PM

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – ibby’s mediterranean fresh is a new, custom, casual restaurant led by Creative Chef and Founder Adnan Kwara, New Jersey’s hottest, casual mediterranean chef. Joining hands with Adnan, as Co-Founder, is Shetal Shah, an experienced food service executive and an innovative coffee master. Together, they present a culinary offering that represents the best food and paired beverage choices for the contemporary, on the go, millennial lifestyle. It took five years of perfectionist work to deliver their vision of ibby’s Brand power.


First, a world class team of architects, designers, contractors were hired to bring to life the experience that ibby’s was to represent. Clean lines, a high tech central group table, personalized electric outlets, fast Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and kiosk ordering was derigueur. But ibby’s also retains the authenticity of its cultural roots. Whether it be the iconic Tree of Life or the Lotus Mandala mural or the universal energy symbolized by the Sun, Moon, and Stars element, the cultural motifs of the Mediterranean civilizations find resonance inside the store.

Founder Adnan Kwara said, ‘Over 45 years of our families’ Mediterranean restaurant expertise inspired me to found the original ibby’s falafel in May 1996 in Jersey City. My original, all natural, award-winning recipes use local, farm fresh ingredients, creating a feast for the eyes and flavor palate. The new ibby’s mediterranean fresh will nourish your fit, active lifestyle, by personalizing our healthy menu the way you want it. I am positive proof that my delicious cuisine is successful. Prompt, convenient and friendly service in the ibby’s comfort zone, enables you to gather, relax and enjoy good food in a warm, welcoming environment. Experience it all at ibby’s!”

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